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EPFO allows withdrawals from pension a/c without Aadhaar

EPFO allows withdrawals from pension a/c without Aadhaar / By Admin


The Employees´ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has allowed full and final withdrawal of funds by the subscribers from their pension account without providing Aadhaar number.


The members withless than 10 years of service can submit a full and final settlement claim through Form 10 C to withdraw the amount accumulated in their pension account.


However, the official said that the members submitting claims for fixing their pensions using Form 10D would be required to submit Aadhaar number or enrolment slips.


Explaining about the reason for giving this breather to the members, the official said,"There quirement of submitting Aadhaar number under Form10C claims led to issues in settlement of  withdrawal cases.


Thus, it is decided that obtaining Aadhaar should be mandatory for the time being only for pension (fixation under 10D Form) and not in withdrawal cases (under Form 10C)."



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