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We believe that selecting the right financial services firm is paramount to the financial success of any person or organization.

About AVJ

AVJ & Associates is a professional services firm focused on providing high quality services to its clients in the field of assurance, tax, risk advisory, corporate advisory and specialist advisory. We expect to realise this by placing our clients’ needs front and center at all times, hiring the best professionals, investing continuously in their personal and professional development and adhering rigorously to a set of values that are core to everything we do.

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Accounting & Book keeping

We are dedicated to providing small and mid-size businesses with experienced accounting professionals to handle day-to- day bookkeeping, accounting, required governmental reporting, and special accounting projects.
We specialize in serving businesses that don't need a full-time bookkeeper or senior accountant. We are flexible enough to accommodate nearly any business accounting requirement -- whether you need ......

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Our Services

At AVJ & Associates, we offer specialized services to our clients. Through these services, we can help our clients in maintaining the confidence of investors, managing business risks, strengthening controls and achieve their potential.
We take pride in putting a team of talented people with a shared way of working and commitment to quality, which allow us to give our clients the seamless service they require.

We Have overall 33 Years Of Experience

Our Team

A wealth of experience to help you achieve more

Establishing a strong, personal and direct relationship with both our personal and business clients is important to us. Our aim is to help you by listening to your needs and responding quickly with relevant advice. Our team is readily accessible, so you save time by being able to speak with us quickly and easily with any questions or concerns that you might have.


Vivek Aggarwal

Partner, F.C.A, M.C.S.E & M.C.D.B.A


Jitin Kapoor

Partner, F.C.A, F.A.F.D, D.I.S.A


Ashima Jain

Partner, F.C.A

Ashima Jain

AVJ, a modern, energetic accounting practice. Aims to inspire, encourage you to consider your vision and realise your ambitions.

Jitin Kapoor

Blend of technology with financial expertise gives us the power to see beyond the numbers and provide the optimum solution to clients.

Vivek Aggarwal

Global Expertise with Local Knowledge.


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